What can I do?

We believe strongly in advocacy, and will continue to do our part to support this industry. If you love vaping as much as we do, we encourage you to participate in the fight to keep vaping legal!

What can you do?

Visit and follow steps to email your elected officials. Let them know vaping is important to you and share your story about how it's changed your life. Make a small donation if you're able to.

Check with your local vape shops for advocacy groups in your area. Support those organizations.

Vape it forward! Do you know someone who wants to stop smoking? Urge them to try vaping instead. Give your old mods and attys to folks who need them, pawn juice flavors you don't like as much off on those folks for free! Maybe they'll love that flavor and it will be the catalyst that lets them stop smoking! Heck, order them an extra bottle the next time you order from us :)

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What are we doing?

In addition to doing the same thing we suggest you do, we're going to take 10% of our profits monthly (beginning in September of 2016) and donate them directly to SFATA and CASAA. We want this industry to stay alive, and we want you to have choices. If regulations proceed the way that the government wants them to, those choices will be lost and a large number of small businesses (such as us, and a whole lot of your other favorite vape companies) won't be able to stay in business. This is a huge hit on the economy in general and only benefits those opposed to vaping.

We'll fight our part of this fight. Let's do our best to prevail!